The Mantool

The Original Ball Brush - A sophisticated, yet manly, personal grooming tool.

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The Red Brush

by ManTool

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What our friends are saying...

“I received the ManTool as a gift from my girlfriend. Had never used such a thing, but hey, I am impressed. I’m not much of a ‘groomer,’ but I use it regularly before showering now that I have it. It is therapeutic and helps me maintain a healthy appearance."

“Finally, a friend with benefits that the wife says yes to! Best of all, no more begging her to do it. I feel amazing, she gets more sleep, everyone wins!

“After years of struggling to find the right gift, it’s finally here! Something very high-quality, reminiscent in design, extremely useful and yet super humorous. My boyfriend/fiance/husband deserves this. Why did I not find this sooner! 

“The ManTool is fabulous! I didn’t even know I needed one until I received it as a gift. And not surprisingly, it is much more enjoyable when my wife is doing the brushing!”

"I am so enamored with The ManTool that I registered it as an emotional support animal so I can use it when I fly!"

A tool for the craftsman


    The Mantool has the perfect curve to gently cup your tackle. After much “intimate” research and design, we created the brush head with just the right radius to give you the very best in brushing and scratching satisfaction- simply nutsac nirvana!


    Inspired by the handmade heritage of antique tools, The ManTool is made from American cherry hardwood with a solid brass ferrule and a genuine leather hanger. This is truly an heirloom-quality tool to be cherished for life.


    The ManTool utilizes the highest quality, vegan-boar bristles that combine both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities with just the right amount of stiffness and softness to provide a satisfying stroke of your family jewels.


    Let’s be real- all men have itchy balls. Some guys scratch more than others, but scratch we do! The ManTool provides a sophisticated solution for men to have a classy, personal implement to alleviate this appalling condition. We believe a man can scratch and still be a gentleman- with the proper tool!


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How We Got Started

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, The ManToo l™ is led by entrepreneur Kenton Pass, known for his high-end construction projects and award-winning custom homes. 

Our Story

The red brush story has grown from a source of amusement for my family to a family business dedicated to designing unique, high-quality personal grooming tools for men.