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The ManTool™ | The Original Ball Brush

$59.97 $79.97 saving $20.00
The ManTool™  | The Original Ball Brush

The ManTool™ | The Original Ball Brush

$59.97 $79.97 saving $20.00

The ManTool™ makes a memorable gift for graduations, stocking stuffers, groomsmen, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Father’s Day - you name it!

Each brush is delivered an exquisite keepsake box with a soft-touch exterior and a pull-out tray with red felt interior.

Made of American cherry hardwood, solid brass ferrule, genuine leather hanger and vegan-boar bristles, The ManTool makes the perfect gift for every man in your life, because men deserve to scratch. No apologies, just relief.

  • The curvature of the head is based on the typical radius of an average male scrotum to maximize the scratching surface of each stroke.
  • American cherry handle and solid brass ferrule—the center connector—give a nod to heirloom hand tools of the past while adding structural strength. 
  • Vegan boar bristles are hypo-allergenic, easy to clean, and antibacterial.
  • Leather hanger of softly tanned cowhide for convenient storage and display.

Using The ManTool™ can be done while standing or sitting and works best on unclothed territory. Ultimately, whatever feels good to you is the right way to do it, but here are a few techniques to try: 

  • Lifting Mr. Johnson up, softly stroke down and away.
  • Spread your legs into an A-frame position and go deep, brushing from bottom to top.
  • Hold the brush perpendicular to the ground and brush back and forth from stern to bow. 

Click here for more details on use and care

Product Details: 
Length: 9.75” 
Height: 1.25” 
Width: 2” 

Handle & Head: American Cherry Hardwood
Bristles: High-quality anti-microbial, anti-bacterial vegan boar bristles
Ferrule: Solid brass
Strap: Genuine leather 

USA Patent #D866865 


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