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The ManTool™ is made by Dundas LLC, a family business dedicated to manly endeavors done with craftsmanship, passion and fun. Founded in 2017, Dundas is led by entrepreneur Kenton Pass, known for his high-end construction projects and award-winning custom homes. 

We believe men deserve to scratch. No apologies, just relief.

We embrace a man’s desire to be a gentleman of confident swagger and passionate integrity. Our mission is to give all guys a sophisticated solution to alleviate a common yet unspoken problem, itchy balls, by delivering a high-quality personal tool that is designed for the job.

We believe a man can scratch and still be a gentleman...with the proper tool.

The ManTool™ is the first brush designed specifically to give guys a sophisticated solution for alleviating a common yet unspoken problem, itchy balls. We believe a man can scratch and still be a gentleman...with the proper tool.

We believe all men deserve to have a brush for down there.

The ManTool™ has the perfect curve to gently cup your tackle, utilizing high-quality, anti-bacterial bristles with just the right amount of stiffness and softness to provide a satisfying stroke of your family jewels.

Inspired by the handmade heritage of antique tools, The ManTool is designed to balance functionality with sophisticated male elegance and built to last. This high-quality brush is made from American cherry hardwood, with a solid brass ferrule and genuine leather strap.

So, feel free to brush away the stress of your work day, the intensity of your workout, and the confines of that new pair of jeans imprisoning your precious cargo. We believe men deserve to scratch- no apologies, just relief. 


Hello friends- whenever I look at a website with an interesting product or service, I am always curious about the people behind the idea, so I decided to share a little bit about myself here. 

My incredible wife Ricky and I have been married for over 33 years now (second and last go-around for both of us). It wasn’t easy, but somehow, we blended our combined four kids and now we enjoy 10 grandkids and two great-grandchildren (so far!). We also survived a seven-year period where we were foster parents of around 35 children- let’s just say that we learned a lot and we hope that we made a real difference in a few of the kid’s lives.

Five years ago, I decided to close my construction business in Colorado and Ricky did the same with her interior design firm and we retired to beautiful Taos, NM. Ricky stays very busy creating original works of art and volunteering on the board of the Taos Fall Arts Festival (and keeping up with my crazy ideas). 

Since moving here, I have fulfilled a long-time dream of working as a ski instructor, as well as volunteering on the board of Taos Search & Rescue and I jam with a few bands in town on my electric bass- no couch-sitting allowed! 

As serial entrepreneurs, both of us are always on the move and creating The ManTool was simply a natural extension of who we are. I truly wanted to share this unique, personal grooming tool with other guys, and we have spent many thousands of dollars in proof of concept, design, branding, packaging, marketing and distribution— and it has all been worth it! 

We are so proud of this quality, heirloom-crafted tool and we hope it finds its way into your hands. Whether you buy it for yourself or receive it as a gift, please give The ManTool a chance and see if you love it as much as we do. 

Thanks for your support,
Kenton Pass



To learn more about how we got started, read our blog:  https://themantool.myshopify.com/blogs/our-story/ 

Kenton Pass
Kenton Pass
Patrick O'Toole
Patrick O'Toole