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The History of the Red Brush

The Original Red Brush


THE Ah-ha! (that feels good) moment
I first discovered the amazing satisfaction of using an implement to scratch my scrotum when I came home after a long day at work, ready for a relaxing night with my wife, Ricky. But one thing stood in the way of true relaxation—I needed to have a good scratch.
Being a gentleman, I excused myself and went into the powder room, where I found a cheap, red, plastic brush in a drawer.

Until that time, like most guys, I had simply used the “finger-nail” method (and yes, I washed my hands afterward). I don’t know what possessed me to try this red brush on my testes, but damn– it was satisfying!

Not only did I relieve my itch, but it was like I had found a magic wand that transported me to nut-sac Nirvana– For Real!


Since I had found the red brush in the back of an obscure drawer in the powder room, I assumed it was of no real importance to anyone and I made it mine, kind of like Gollum and his Precious ring! (Ricky eventually told me that the red brush had been left behind by her ex-husband. LOL) Pretty quickly, the word got out, and my wife Ricky and the kids realized that the red brush was totally off limits. It was no longer qualified for use above the waist or by anyone other than me. 

Fast forward over 30 years later...the “red brush” has been a source of amusement for close friends and family, and a source of daily relief for me.


Our Dedication to Craftsmanship

The ManTool - Our dedication to craftmanship

Hey guys, how’s it hangin’? 

In the back of my mind, I always wondered what other guys were using to tickle their tackle, primp the pubes and give comfort to the Lost Boys. Did they have a “red brush” of their own? Or, worse yet, were they just suffering in silence, bearing the misery of ball itch in their sad, pathetic scrotal solitude? I had to ask. 

A quick survey of family and close (very close) friends revealed a silent demand for a solution (and a healthy skepticism about a product that would so boldly embrace a taboo subject.) 

What a jerk I had been, keeping this secret to myself, like Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth.

Brush that itch 

The red brush has served me well all these years, but I decided to create a brush designed specifically for the job. R&D was required. 

The ManTool - Red brush

I immediately set to work with Ricky, taking intimate measurements of testicular curvature and radius, exploring various options of handle comfort and thumb pressure, and contemplating the perfect bristle texture. As an award-winning interior designer and artist, Ricky began hand-drawing the original concept while incorporating my ideas as a craftsman, contractor and antique tool collector.

We are very honored to have received a design patent on The Mantool - US Patent #D866865.


The ManTool Kickstarter Launch

The ManTool - Original Ball Brush

And now, for anyone with the balls to use it, we present The ManTool, a sophisticated, yet manly, personal grooming tool. 

The red brush story has grown from a source of amusement for my family to a family business dedicated to designing unique, high-quality personal grooming tools for guys who live life with gusto and who appreciate craftsmanship; we know that being a real man is as much about scratching your itch as it is about hugging your loved ones, both on a daily basis. 

The ManTool - Red Brush

Whether you manscape or grow it old-school, The ManTool scores points on many levels. It’s an honest solution to a common problem so, scratch, brush, groom, untangle and tease. This is YOUR ManTool mister— work it!”

100% Backed on Kickstarter!

We are proud to have built a community of backers that funded our project well before the final date!  

The ManTool - Kickstarter


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