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Our Dedication to Craftsmanship

Our Dedication to Craftsmanship

Hey guys, how’s it hangin’? 

In the back of my mind, I always wondered what other guys were using to tickle their tackle, primp the pubes and give comfort to the Lost Boys. Did they have a “red brush” of their own? Or, worse yet, were they just suffering in silence, bearing the misery of ball itch in their sad, pathetic scrotal solitude? I had to ask. 

A quick survey of family and close (very close) friends revealed a silent demand for a solution (and a healthy skepticism about a product that would so boldly embrace a taboo subject.) 

What a jerk I had been, keeping this secret to myself, like Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth.

Scratch brush that itch 

The red brush has served me well all these years, but I decided to create a brush designed specifically for the job. R&D was required. 

I immediately set to work with Ricky, taking intimate measurements of testicular curvature and radius, exploring various options of handle comfort and thumb pressure, and contemplating the perfect bristle texture. As an award-winning interior designer and artist, Ricky began hand-drawing the original concept while incorporating my ideas as a craftsman, contractor and antique tool collector.


We are very honored to have received a design patent on The Mantool - US Patent #D866865.