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The ManTool Kickstarter Launch

The ManTool Kickstarter Launch

And now, for anyone with the balls to use it, we present The ManTool, a sophisticated, yet manly, personal grooming tool. 

The red brush story has grown from a source of amusement for my family to a family business dedicated to designing unique, high-quality personal grooming tools for guys who live life with gusto and who appreciate craftsmanship; we know that being a real man is as much about scratching your itch as it is about hugging your loved ones, both on a daily basis. 

Whether you manscape or grow it old-school, The ManTool scores points on many levels. It’s an honest solution to a common problem so, scratch, brush, groom, untangle and tease. This is YOUR ManTool mister— work it!”

100% Backed on Kickstarter!

We are proud to have built a community of backers that funded our project well before the final date!